4K HDMI switcher/distributor 2H two in one out / one in two out

The new HDMI switching splitter 2H, using simple white lines to form a cute cartoon image, supports 4K resolution, 3D, and even more surprising is that it not only supports the function of the switch: two in and one out, also supports the function of the splitter: One in two out

  • Brand: ekL
  • Model: ekL-2H
  • Type: HDMI switcher
  • Attribute: HDMI switcher/distributor
  • Resolution: 4k*2k
  • HDMI version: HDMI 2.0
  • Size: 52*48*20mm

HDMI switcher / splitter 2H

HDMI switcher / splitter 2H supports 4k * 2k resolution

HDMI switcher / splitter 2H supports HIFI HD sound quality

HDMI switcher / splitter 2H using imported chip

HDMI switcher / splitter 2H switch using the button

HDMI switcher / splitter 2H compatible with a variety of HDMI interface devices

HDMI switcher / splitter 2H cute and compact

HDMI Switcher / Splitter 2H Plug and Play

HDMI Switcher / Distributor 2H Product Accessories

HDMI switch / splitter 2H specifications

TypeHDMI switcher / HDMI splitter
AttributeOne in two out / two in one out
Input and output interface
Color depth32-bit
TMDS signal0.5-1.5Volts p-p
DDC signal5Volts p-p(TTL)
Input cable length≤5m (4K*2K) 24AWG HDMI standard cable
Output cable length≤3m (4K*2K) 24AWG HDMI standard cable
Working current
Operating temperature0~40℃
Working humidity
5-85% RH without condensation



HDMI switcher / splitter 2H length: 52mm; width: 48mm; height: 20mm

HDMI switcher / splitter 2H interface description

HDMI switcher / splitter 2H 2 in 1 out switch mode connection diagram

HDMI switcher/distributor 2H 1 input and 2 output distribution mode connection diagram

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